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Housing Savannah

Housing Savannah is a 501c3 non-profit organization that was incorporated in March 2022 as called for in the Housing Savannah Task Force's Action Plan.  Its primary purposes are to:


  • Increase community-wide education, awareness, and support of affordable housing opportunites

  • Develop, increase, and sustain financial investments for the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund

  • Track & report on affordable housing outcomes

  • Partner with local, state, & national organizations in support of housing affordability initiatives


Housing Savannah plays a leading role in increasing and sustaining local investments for housing affordability initiatives.  Investments in the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF) will leverage other financing and funding for housing.  Together, these investments can help retain, improve, and produce quality, affordable, housing for hundreds of households annually.


Housing Savannah is not responsible for producing housing, or making grants or loans, but is focused on raising critically needed funds for the SAHF.  In turn, SAHF's programs support those engaged in activities that retain, improve, and produce housing for a wide range of Savannah residents in need of housing they can afford.


Money raised by Housing Savannah is deposited into the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF) where it is made available by Community Housing Services Agency, Inc. (CHSA) to a variety of Housing Savannah partners for a wide range of initiatives that retain, improve, and produce housing.


For more information visit or call

(912) 651-6766

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