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The Mayor and Alderpersons of the City of Savannah appointed a diverse 40-member Housing Savannah Task Force in August 2020.  It presented the Housing Savannah Action Plan to the community in July 2021.  The Savannah City Council adopted the Plan in October 2021.  The City Manager recommended and City Council adopted a FY2022 budget that included a record $19.1M for housing initiatives, including a record $7M four-year Savannah Affordable Housing Fund commitment called for in the Plan.


The Task Force identified housing affordability challenges facing Savannah residents, including:


  • Savannah housing costs have outpaced incomes by at least 2:1 in the past 30 years.

  • About 21,000 (40%) of Savannah households are unable to afford quality housing.

  • Multiple earner households with annual incomes less than $50,000 or single earners with annual incomes less than $35,000 are not likely able to afford housing in Savannah.


The Housing Savannah Action Plan identifies 5 major strategies and 43 action items.  Strategies include:


  1. Increase community-wide awareness, support, and education for Housing Savannah.

  2. Increase and sustain housing improvement, development, purchase, and retention activity to benefit 15,000 households by 2032.

  3. Increase and sustain investments for housing improvement, development, purchase, and retention to $100M+ Annually by 2032.

  4. Increase the capacity and number of partners.

  5. Support Local, State, and Federal housing-friendly policies and legislation.



For more information visit or call:

(912) 651-6766

Dashboard Reports 

Housing Savannah utilizes community data and reports to target investment, market analysis to inform development, and production reporting to monitor progress. 

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